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BlogTrackers helps sociologists to track and analyze blogs of particular interests by designing and integrating unique features. It also help to monitor blogs and suggest valuable insights in a drilled-down fashion using content analysis and social network analysis.

User friendly

Easy-to-use interface for the user.

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Render efficiently on Desktop and Mobile devices.

Awesome tool

Helps sociologists to track and analyze blogs of particular interests


Built to review user behavior in the blogosphere.

Tracking at Your Tips Better Solution for Actionable insights on Blogs


Amazing Features

Posting Frequency

Analyze Traffic Pattern

Keyword Trends

Search Top Keyword


Check influence of Blogs, Blog Posts and Bloggers


Analyze general perception

Network Analysis

Analyze trend on graphs

Cross Media Analysis

Analyze social media

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At COSMOS, we are studying various aspects of social media and online behavior - the good, bad and the ugly. At COSMOS, Dr. Agarwal is directing several projects with funding from the U.S. Research at COSMOS has made foundational contributions to computational social network analysis to study digital/cyber campaign coordination, identify powerful actors and groups, study propaganda dissemination, and monitor cyber threats through social media. The applicational contributions of the research include, but not limited to, digital campaign coordination, propaganda dissemination analysis, event analysis and monitoring cyberthreats through social media

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